Your First Car, Remember?

Keeping family knowledge of family cars

At the end of the reading the psychic asked, “Do you have any other questions you’d like answered?”


In 1996, at the Mind Body Spirit Festival held in Sydney, I decided to have my first psychic reading. At the end of a thought provoking reading the psychic asked, “Do you have any other questions you’d like answered?” She’d covered, family, career and travel, but she hadn’t answered one deep personal question, in a soft voice I asked, “Am I ever going to get a NSX?”

“What did you say?”

Closer now, so I could keep my voice low, “Am I ever going to get a NSX?”

With a stone faced reply, “Well dear that’s completely up to you.”

What sort of answer was that? I sensed she didn’t know that the NSX was Honda’s super car of the century.  “What I meant was, am I going to get the car of my dreams? It’s a Honda NSX.”

Her stone-faced expression was replaced with relief. Reaching out for my hand, and with laugh lines forming, she replied. “I thought you said am I ever going to get any sex?”

Then my question and her new revelation were shouted across a crowded hallway to another psychic’s booth. My face changed color. It ended up the same color as my dream car, red.

“Veronica, this fella just asked me if he was going to get his dream car, and I thought he’d asked, is he ever going to get any sex!”

Dream car of the 1990s

Do you think that in 50 years the idea of treating a car as prized possession will exist?



A mini project using the Prized Possession Template

In the video I shared my portfolio of cars that I owned before getting married and starting my Family Group. I hope my multi-media post can inspire you to capture your family knowledge of cars that you and your family have driven over the years.  Please use the free Prized Possession Template  and follow these 5 steps.

Step 1. Write down a list of cars you’ve owned (or maybe cars in your Family  Group) from the first car to the last. Group the cars using the Family Group Code either individually or in a Family Group. If you’re not familiar with the Family Knowledge Process just list the cars in sequential order from first to last by the years bought and sold .

Step 2. Sort through your family documents and keepsakes for mementos you may have for each car. As you can see from the video this can be anything, for example car badges to sales brochures. Scan these items into a sorting folder along with digital photos that you have.

Step 3. Download the Prized Possession Template and for your first page use the description field as an index for the other templates and enter your list of cars.

Step 4. Using the internet it’s very easy to gather more images of the cars you’ve owned and even research them. This is the fun part of the project, your only limited by what you find on the net. One creative angle I took was to research the manufacturer’s car color name.

Step 5. File the Word Documents under either your personal or Family Group’s Code in the Prized Possession folder on your portable hard drive.

Your Done!

Here is a sample from my 30 page car portfolio inspired by using the Family Knowledge Process  along with the Soul Assets free Word template.


 What will be the future of the family car in 50 years as we move into the era of driverless cars?

Do you think the idea of treating a car as prized possession will stay? Will we out grow the car and just see it as generic transport with little in the way of design flair to entice us to keep updating our cars.

If you loathe or love cars you can be certain of this, they’ve been a part of your family life for over one hundred years now. Growing up in an isolated part of Papua and New Guinea I saw few cars on the road so my first dream car was delivered to me in a movie. It was a 1960s Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

In 1972 we moved to Sydney and my head was spinning with new car designs on TV ads and then, imagine how I felt, being able to see the real cars on the road. My Silver Cloud was replaced by a thunderous blue Triumph Stag V8. I remained faithful to the Stag for fifteen years. But in 1990 Honda brought out its super car the NSX and this has been my dream car ever since.

It’s no wonder I was passionate about cars in the 1980s and 1990s. Looking back now the Australian nuclear family had the great 4 door Ford versus Holden debate going on, while being hypnotized by a growing array of 2 door Japanese and European cars to dream about.

Even Holden enticed its customers with the 2 door Holden Piazza. An exotic 2 door coupe that is now proving to be one of the rarest 1990s produced cars in the world. Cast you memories back to this list of cars that have now almost disappeared from our roads.

Some interesting features were released in these prized possessions. The Renault Feugo was the first production car too have remote central locking. The Subaru Vortex had an instrument cluster that moved with the steering wheel; the Subaru SVX had a window configuration of a jet plane.

It was an open testing ground for catching the consumers attention with a different design gimmick. My 1982 Honda Prelude had a round rotating knob for the FM/AM radio on the drivers instrument panel, and a diagram of the car in the dash showing when a door was ajar or the brake light had blown.


I hope you enjoyed this multi-media article by R.L.Black and it inspires you to start your own Family Group Project.

Family knowing starts with you and is important.

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