The Iconic Family Photo

The Iconic Family Photo

What makes an iconic family photo?

So what do I mean by iconic, well to quote an Australian film about family and the home: The Castle (1997).

“It’s the vibe of the thing, your Honour. “

The iconic family photo has a subject that makes it special.  To be an iconic family photo doesn’t mean it has to be a family group photo. It just has to be one of those photos that everyone in the family knows about because it has an iconic quality about it.

Definition of iconic:

1:  of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon

2a :  widely recognized and well-established (an iconic brand name)

2b :  widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence (an iconic writer)(a region’s iconic wines) (source)

Having the family knowledge process has allowed me to bring family photos out of  musty boxes and into the digital era. Being able to zoom in on these scanned photos – on a large high-definition screen – has me admiring the photos in a way that would go unnoticed if they hadn’t been scanned.

Thinking about this list of questions below for your photos will support you in spending the time to scan them into a portable hard drive.

Is it the length of time the photo has been around and handed down through family generations?

Is it the camera technology?

Is it the photographer?

Is it the lighting?

Is it the subject?

Is it the moment?

I think it’s an undefinable mix of all these answers to the questions, and it’s the timeless sentiment that’s reflected in the eyes of person looking at the photo, this is what makes family photos iconic.

I have set-up a group board on Pinterest and if you’d like to join this group and share your iconic scanned photos please message me on Pinterest.

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The one benefit of technology today is that our photos can be seen with a new dreaming. Through my own personal journey of using the Family Knowledge  Process  … I’d like to share some of my favorite family images.


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Soul Assets exists for a soul purpose, to educate families with survival skills to KEEP family knowledge in the Information Age. Soul Assets is the place for families to share skills of the Family Knowledge Process. Imagine, fifty years from now, people inheriting keepsakes that are welcomed by the next family because they were treasured as Soul Assets.