Sort Photos by Print Run: Turn Them Over

Sorting by printrun keeps family events grouped by film batch and time

As I’ve aged I’ve discovered my mind delivers memories like a poker dealer, shuffling them around into different seasons and years.

So when it comes to sorting out your own family photos I’ve found, if the photos not dated, I can shuffle the events better than any poker dealer on cards night. Instead of agonizing over the “when” sort them based on the print run code printed on the back. I’ve discovered photos processed as early as the 1920s and 1930s with print run numbers. Examples of these are feature in the gallery below.

Instead of your mind playing the role of a poker dealer give your mind a card game of solitaire instead. Stack  the photos together that share the same print run. When you’ve finished turn each stack over and coax your memory with a stack of grouped prints. Now each photo stack represents the print process run for each film submitted for developing.

If you lucky enough to find the negatives in the plastic sleeves then you can use the negatives to sequence each photo in the processing stack. That’s if you have the time.

By following the print run method you’ve at least tied down your poker dealing memory.

Good luck with you saving your family knowledge of your family photos.

Remember after grouping by print run to use the family journal process and write a few words about the events in the photos. Use the event codes outlined in the family knowledge process.





I hope you enjoyed this multi-media article by R.L.Black and it supports you in sorting photos to start your own Family Group Project.

Family knowing starts with you and is important.

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