Life is like a project, it has a beginning and an end; with the middle part designed for us to share and KEEP.

My artworks are available on-line, click on the galleries above.

I publish short stories of my projects on Behance and videos of my artwork on RLB-Soulassets.myportfolio.com.

And update and post in a sporadic fashion into this massive tangled world-wide web of social media.

Artworks Featured

Acrylic Artworks by RLB-Soulassets

This artwork was inspired by pelicans who have become the sentinel guards monitoring commuters entering Narrabeen.

Acrylic Artworks by RLB-Soulassets

I was inspired by the way the afternoon sun reflected on two fishing boats anchored off Queensland’s Fraser Island.

Acrylic Artworks by RLB-Soulassets

I love the colours on Sydney’s coastal waterways, featuring large Angophora trees clutching their roots around golden grey sandstone boulders.

 Acrylic Artworks by RLB-Soulassets

Catching a wave or playing stick with the dog, both bring harmony and relaxation to daily life. And to this I like to add the simple phrase “to each their own”.