Rodney Black’s Video Appearance For Digital Dreaming

Author Video for Digital Dreaming

Will you—a beneficiary of the digital era—pass down a tidal wave of fragmented and soulless keepsakes to the next generation?



 If you’re serious about knowing your family and you want to discover how to keep family stories, then Digital Dreaming is the book for you.

Inside this book you will discover how to:

♥ declutter and organize photos and documents,

♥ keep your treasured family keepsakes meaningful now and for the future,

♥ and organize and share fragmented and dispersed mementos with family and lifelong friends.

Will your benefactors hit the delete key and look longingly at the local council clean-up calendar to see when to offload the boxes of photos and documents?

In 2013 these questions confronted R.L. Black. He had become stranded on Family Heritage Island with thousands of keepsakes strewn about like flotsam and jetsam after the death of his late father. Determined to escape his anxiety and guilt on the island, he set about saving the mementos by building a digital lifeboat to rescue his family knowing.

Your Family Story First

Learn a new family life skill to keep your knowledge of family events.

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About Soul Assets

Soul Assets exists for a soul purpose, to educate families with survival skills to KEEP family knowledge in the Information Age. Soul Assets is the place for families to share skills of the Family Knowledge Process. Imagine, fifty years from now, people inheriting keepsakes that are welcomed by the next family because they were treasured as Soul Assets.