KEEP In Step and Up To Date

Follow a routine and keep knowing

Have you blurted out sentences at work and they’ve come out back to front? Thank goodness I don’t have the problem when I write. At least I can try editing my mistakes, although if you’ve been reading my blog I’m sure you’re not surprised that I blurt out grammatical errors .

Imagine how a colleague felt when I informed him in an authoritative voice – “I’ll up your date later.” What I meant to say was – “I’ll update you later.”

Keeping your family documents up to date is easier than communicating at work, if you get into the habit of scanning documents when they appear in your home. With the Christmas break approaching it’s a great idea to start looking at your family education and career keepsakes (Journal Event: EDUCA).

Illustrated below is my son’s EDUCA folder showing the accumulation of school reports that have been scanned to keep. Having a digital copy in a consistent and standardised filing system also allows easy school progress comparisons for your family. Don’t tell the kids that.

EDUCA folder example

Keeping your family documents up to date saves your memories.


In Australia we wind up the school year before Christmas, so now is the perfect time to take the school report cards and school mementos and scan them into your child’s EDUCA folder. And don’t forget about yourself or your partner, it’s a good time to remember work events and scan any keepsakes that you’ve accumulated for the year.


With work Christmas parties soon approaching you may want to scan a few paper keepsakes and file them with your own EDUCA folder. Have you updated your own resume to show the achievements you’ve made this year in your own education and career?


Presenting work mementos

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Follow a routine and keep knowing

Follow a routine and scan documents when they come into the family home


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