It’s Raining Memories

Digital Dreaming and using a portable hard drive to KEEP your memories.

I’ve had this problem for a year – I know the power of a classification process is priceless – but how do I show you?

So here is my fun way of showing you why I’m passionate about giving you a family knowledge process to support you in honoring your family memories. In 30 seconds you’ll see a life of memories rain down on me from a portable hard drive – they are my soul assets.

I present “Digital Dreaming – It’s Raining Memories”.

I’m confident of the power behind the Soul Assets Classification scheme after experiencing the document mess created in filming: It’s Raining Memories.

I’ve been capturing the benefits of the Family Knowledge Process in other ways, and here are links to those projects that give more information:

I’ve included images covering the theme “It’s Raining Memories”  and hope you can use them to kick-start your own family honor and keep family events project.

Tip: Remember important family documents  can pile up quickly, scan them and keep your family memories. Why not pin the Soul Assets Mantra pin below?


GIF file displaying the Family Knowledge Process Mantra.

The Family Knowledge Process Mantra. Repeat after me please …

About Soul Assets

Soul Assets exists for a soul purpose, to educate families with survival skills to KEEP family knowledge in the Information Age. Soul Assets is the place for families to share skills of the Family Knowledge Process. Imagine, fifty years from now, people inheriting keepsakes that are welcomed by the next family because they were treasured as Soul Assets.