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“You took me to see this house at night, I couldn’t see a damn thing.” Her eyes held a glint of contempt and laughter.   “Yeah I know I know, but I was excited about a house being for sale in my favorite street.” The tone of his reply asked […]

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Family on a card systems
My boss brushed past me, a look of disdain was cast at my 25 page report. The report explained why the data warehouse needed more storage capacity and when it was going to run out. He turned his face up,  looking at me while he kept his finger on the […]

If it’s not on a page, don’t expect me to look at it, OK?

Family Knowledge Transfer
When I think of succession planning for families what comes to mind is the movie: Little Fockers, starring Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller. A Google search on “family succession planning” brought up “family business succession planning”. Oh for Pete’s sake! That’s not what I was after at all. When […]

Oh for Pete’s Sake, or oh for Family Keepsake

Family Mementos, photos, documents, and prized possessions. Over 3000 items ready to scanned.
Do you work in retail? Or maybe you’re a farmer or a nurse. Jobs that serve others have one important task that needs to be performed regularly, a good old fashioned stocktake. My first job was a cadet accountant at the State Railways of N.S.W and I remember the one task […]

Above all else, Take Stock

Pinterest How to
Remember it’s only clutter if it’s not wanted, not displayed, not used and brings negative energy to your life. I’ve often wondered if a minimalist person loves a sandy desert more than a lush green tropical rain forest? The point is that you can have a room full of prized […]

Family Typewriter
What Is Your Life Purpose? Diane Ray from Hay House Radio interviews Rodney Black about his book Digital Dreaming a step-by-step guide on how to honour and organise your family knowledge. “R.L. Black  gives us a really useful guide to keeping family mementos, pictures and video organized in his book Digital […]

Bright New Voices and Digital Dreaming

WW1 Family Keepsake
Lest we forget Marking the 97th anniversary of the First World War in 1918. A war that changed families and communities with the crippling and loss of lives. If you’ve read Digital Dreaming you’ll understand the  honouring of the keepsakes handed down as these mementos near the 100th year being […]

Remembrance Day 2015

When it works treasure it
Bazinga! You’ve Gotta Love a Good Classification System I’ve created a new board on Pinterest and this education pin gives you the information on how to make your own Family Group Code. When this code is used in partnership with the six principles of outlined in Digital Dreaming you’ll be able […]

Grouping Systems – Love’m

Internal and External Documents
With only six months to live Dad started jotting on the backs of photos, tagging notes to articles he’d published and putting prized paper keepsakes in envelopes with a note on the front. He didn’t have a family classification scheme and for months after his death I’d come across keepsake […]

Envelopes, Parents, Notes and Document Keepsakes

Classification systems do they last?
People have misunderstood the Family Knowledge Process as being a software package to manage your family mementos. I’m not worried by the mistake as it allows me to explain the benefits behind Soul Assets and Digital Dreaming. Soul Assets is based on a grouping and classification scheme and not just […]

Classification Systems – Do They Have Staying Power?

Remember when you first entered a school library? Were you like me; overwhelmed by the books crammed in shelves and wondering how you would find what you needed to know? Finding a book in a library is a life skill, and it’s a classification scheme that’s behind it all. You’re reading […]

Your Education and Teachers Making Life Great

Memo device ready with questions
I lost one parent in a car accident, and the other was given six months to live. Birth and death events are different for every family in the world. But remember – despite the difference in the events every person within a family can share a gift today. Take the […]

Shy? Ask family questions – you can do it

Journal power
Start today Get your free Family Event Journal Spreadsheet KEEP your family knowledge If you could take only one of the five knowledge steps from Digital Dreaming, it would be number three – journal your family events. Download the Excel Journal Spreadsheet and start a process that’s the key for […]

Journal Power: How to keep your family knowledge

Caring - let us be there
To wish for more time is human, but to be grateful for capturing a story connected to me – that feels eternal. How many decades and how many generations can your own family knowing span? I was fortunate enough to know my four grandparents and through this knowing I feel […]

Eternal Care

Hold your collection or sell it?
Are you the collector in your family? Is a family relative a collector, and you’re living in dread that the collection will end up on your door step one day?  Having an exit strategy and/or a succession plan for a prized collection is a great strategy for families and collectors alike. Living […]

Know when to hold them. Know when to fold them

Family History Presentation
Presentation of the 5 step Family Knowledge Process to Dee Why Family History Group. Thank you to all those who attended the talk on the Family Knowledge Process outlined in Digital Dreaming. Dee Why History Presentation:Presentation on Microsoft OneDrive

Dee Why Family History Group

A knowing family sharing events
The Soul Assets education formula needed to create a knowing family has four items – but the formula won’t work at all without this first important item and that’s YOU. The answer to what is a knowing family has to start with you. After all its you that has the […]

What is the knowing family formula?

It takes time to deal with inherited keepsakes.
Having a knowledge process provides a rich framework to enable you and your family to deal with change. This article is a great reminder that dealing with keepsakes takes time.  Having a knowledge process, is an important step in confronting inherited family keepsakes. Sydney Morning Herald – How to Cope