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Author Video for Digital Dreaming
Will you—a beneficiary of the digital era—pass down a tidal wave of fragmented and soulless keepsakes to the next generation?      If you’re serious about knowing your family and you want to discover how to keep family stories, then Digital Dreaming is the book for you. Inside this book […]

Rodney Black's Video Appearance For Digital Dreaming

Common Hobbies over family generations
It’s magic when family hobbies span generations – it gives you a sense of belonging. In this article I’ll share a mini project idea that you can use with the Family Knowledge Process to present and honour family interests for generations to come. A majority of families can find interests spanning […]

Family Hobbies Across Generations

1950s 35mm slide film
My second post on Grampa’s slides months after my first post; yes I did say that dealing with 35mm slides takes time.   A lot has happened since May 2016 but I made time last week to scan the first box of Grampa’s 35mm slide collection. Using the 5 step […]

Grampa’s 1950s Time Capsule #2

What if family prized possessions are lost, stolen or destroyed
It’s Family History Month – August 2016 Well it’s almost one year on from posting this blog asking the question “what if?” and I’m blogging again with an update. The Northern Beaches Council has made August 2016 Family History Month and I’m working with the Family History Group to share the […]

What if?

Grampa's time capsule
Scanning 35 mm slides needs the same self-motivation as getting out the Christmas decorations from storage.     I’ve had this multi-media article in my thoughts for three months and finally I’m starting it. I’ve been using the 5 step knowledge process for my family mementos for 2 years now, […]

Grampa’s 1950s Time Capsule #1

Wild Pets That Hang Around
Do you have wildlife around your home? Do these creatures become your wild pets?  You know, those you give a nickname too but admire from a safe distance. Over the years we’ve had creatures hang around our place long enough to give them nicknames. We end up giving generic pet […]

Wild Pets, Those That Hang Around

Anzac Day
25 April – ANZAC Day – 2016 A hundred years ago, in 1916, the war to end war all wars was nearing the middle of its epic 4 year 4 month and 2 weeks of human suffering and death. Thanks to technology today pictures, sounds and written thoughts of soldiers and […]

1916 – Our Generation Keeping Family Real – 2016

The Iconic Family Photo
What makes an iconic family photo? So what do I mean by iconic, well to quote an Australian film about family and the home: The Castle (1997). “It’s the vibe of the thing, your Honour. “ The iconic family photo has a subject that makes it special.  To be an […]

The Iconic Family Photo

Sorting by printrun keeps family events grouped by film batch and time
As I’ve aged I’ve discovered my mind delivers memories like a poker dealer, shuffling them around into different seasons and years. So when it comes to sorting out your own family photos I’ve found, if the photos not dated, I can shuffle the events better than any poker dealer on […]

Sort Photos by Print Run: Turn Them Over

Keeping family knowledge of family cars
At the end of the reading the psychic asked, “Do you have any other questions you’d like answered?”   In 1996, at the Mind Body Spirit Festival held in Sydney, I decided to have my first psychic reading. At the end of a thought provoking reading the psychic asked, “Do […]

Your First Car, Remember?

Family Letters and Documents
Consider the time taken to write and post a letter; you’re keeping family knowledge when you group and scan letters.     Writing a letter can take 15 minutes or longer. If your letters dated and addressed then you have a  GPS time capsule in your hands. Look, I understand the […]

How to KEEP Letters Sent From Friends and Family

Remember When PCs Were Called Stand-alone?
Guess what PCs and laptops can still be stand-alone.   Here are my family knowledge process tips for keeping your memories on digital technology, they are: Buy two portable hard drives of at least One terabyte each to keep scanned images of your mementos – think of the drives as […]

Remember When PCs Were Called Stand-Alone?

Digital Dreaming and using a portable hard drive to KEEP your memories.
I’ve had this problem for a year – I know the power of a classification process is priceless – but how do I show you? So here is my fun way of showing you why I’m passionate about giving you a family knowledge process to support you in honoring your […]

It’s Raining Memories

Pinterest How to
If you’ve watched TV’s Antiques Roadshow, you’ll understand why I’ve included a separate category called Prized Possessions for the Family Knowledge Process.   In this article I’m sharing another quick method of saving your prized possessions knowledge using Pinterest. The benefits of using the Pinterest method and the Family Knowledge Process […]

How to Use Pinterest to KEEP Family Stories About Prized Possessions

Minolta SRT 100x images
Can you remember the day when you received your first camera? Do you still have your first, second and third camera – and have you thought of writing a journal sentence or two explaining how these prized possessions came to you? Did you go on to take lots of photos […]

Your First Camera, Remember?

A Christmas Dear
Therefore I am proud and happy to proclaim that you have presented to the world the best Olympic Games ever.” – Juan Antonio Samaranch, Sydney 2000 Then it shouldn’t be any trouble for you and your family to host the best Family Christmas ever! No pressure OK? I found this on Pinterest and […]

I’m Proud and Happy to Proclaim …

Family Groups
The reason we came up with classifications systems was to give humanity easy ways to learn and pass on important knowledge.   I think knowledge of family events is by far the most enriching part of anyone’s education journey. And in a world of grouping and classification systems I found […]

Your Family Group and Journal Event Infographic

Digital Dreaming on Pinterest
You’ve gotta grab the reader’s attention with interesting headlines. Blogging advice 101.   I’m sorry I’m new to the world of blogging, but I couldn’t help myself with this headline. My year nine photography teacher commented on nice legs by saying “they had a great set of pins”. I think […]

What a Great Set of Pins!

Follow a routine and keep knowing
Have you blurted out sentences at work and they’ve come out back to front? Thank goodness I don’t have the problem when I write. At least I can try editing my mistakes, although if you’ve been reading my blog I’m sure you’re not surprised that I blurt out grammatical errors […]

KEEP In Step and Up To Date