Digital Dreaming – Your Step-by-Step Guide

Don’t lose your family keepsakes, present them instead. Together let’s organise and integrate your knowledge of family events for the digital generation.

Digital Dreaming is powerful and easy classification scheme that will keep your family knowing now and into the future.

Digital Dreaming preview of the Contents, Introduction and Back Cover

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A knowing family is timeless and can use its knowledge to teach you where you have come from, what your family stands for today, and where it hopes you ‘ll be in the future.

Three key items in the knowing family formula

You, Digital Dreaming and your family can keep your stories. Learn more click on the formula above.

Your family story first, learn a new life skill to keep your knowledge of family events and keepsakes.

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Build a digital lifeboat to save your family events

Escape from Family Heritage Island by saving your family events for future family to know.

Digital Dreaming gives you, the reader, a valuable gift. A 5 Step Process that supports you to keep your family knowledge. Acquire the process illustrated in this book and you’ll take ownership and enrich your belonging – your family dreaming – for future families to know.

To keep track of family and personal events is a life skill in the Information Age, because it’s second nature for people to leave a large variety of digital and tangible keepsakes behind. This guide is written for families to know, and for those people who contribute to the family’s soul through every stage in life:

♥ Engaged and newlyweds

♥ New parents

♥ The family forming years

♥ Singles and siblings in the family

♥ Empty nesters

♥ Retirees

♥ Children caring for one or both parents

Digital Storage and a Knowledge Process

A knowledge process and digital storage working with you plus Digital Dreaming plus your family

KEEP Knowing