1916 – Our Generation Keeping Family Real – 2016

Anzac Day

25 April – ANZAC Day – 2016

ANZAC Day Parade 1951

Returned Soldiers marching in 1951 Wollongong NSW.

A hundred years ago, in 1916, the war to end war all wars was nearing the middle of its epic 4 year 4 month and 2 weeks of human suffering and death. Thanks to technology today pictures, sounds and written thoughts of soldiers and civilians have been transferred and grouped into a multimedia site that’s as worthwhile exploring as any family’s treasured tin box.

First World War.com – A Multimedia History of World War One

This site is a great example of the benefits of using knowledge management to present and honour those who fought in WWI. It reflects my vision with Soul Assets, to teach you the power of a knowledge process – so you can KEEP your own multimedia presentation of family events – with a respect for stand-alone technology.

For grandparents on Dad’s side ANZAC Day was a day to remember and give thanks, on 25 April 1923 it was also their family group foundation day. In the gallery below I’ve included family keepsakes using my Grampa’s birth Family Group of GBlaDav188704 and marriage group GBlaTho1923.


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Two days before his death we both paid honour to the contents within a 1940s Pascall’s lolly tin.

Inside were keepsakes and war service medals of two generations of family that had served in World Wars. With only hours left to live we needed to make sure I could continue to carry the family dreaming of each item inside the tin.



With the iPad memo application staring up at us, I prized open the lid of the lolly tin. The smell of stale air smacked the sides of my nose. This was my signal; leaving a perfect finger print on the iPad’s magic glass I started learning about the tin’s mementos through my dad’s stories.

What was inside was a layering of eclectic war keepsakes that had me traversing from the 1940s to 1910s and back again like Rod Taylor in H. G. Wells’: The Time Machine. Holding each object and placing them back I felt like I was walking around in Jem Finch’s shoes in: To Kill a Mockingbird.


Without making the audio file I knew I wouldn’t be able to recall all Dad  had told me. A beautifully presented photo album – or that special tin box – is a real family treasure deserving to belong to family as time passes.

In 2016 the same can be stated for stand-alone technology. In its  brushed metallic box it has become my families own multimedia site storing written, audio, and visual images under a family knowledge system. It’s my way of keeping it real for my family.

To complete a mini project of honouring your family prized possession follow these steps:

  1. Scan or take a picture of the family prized possession/s.

  2. Download the Soul Assets Word Document Template or use the Pinterest Prized Possession Template

  3. Write down a Family Group Code and a member number. If you’re not familiar with the Family Group Code you can skip this step and just note the name of the person. Once you understand the family knowledge process you can then update the page with your code.

  4.  Good to go . Put all the details down and save in your family’s Family Group Prized Possession Folder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this multi-media article bringing sound, video and words together. It was written in the hope of inspiring you to do the same for your Digital Dreaming.


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About Soul Assets

Soul Assets exists for a soul purpose, to educate families with survival skills to KEEP family knowledge in the Information Age. Soul Assets is the place for families to share skills of the Family Knowledge Process. Imagine, fifty years from now, people inheriting keepsakes that are welcomed by the next family because they were treasured as Soul Assets.